Running project by Thijs Jaeger & Rik Laging.
Open for collaborations/participations/contributions.
Download the 'READ ME' or contact by email,
phone or instagram for more information.

Available Products :

' Stickerpack Vol.1', 20-7-17, (out of stock).
' Stickerpack Vol.2', 27-1-18, (out of stock).
' Stickerpack Vol.3', 9-2-19, (currently available '1/50').
(Limited edition stickerpacks include
16 (+1 bonus) high quality vinyl permanent stickers).

Stickerpack Price: €19,95 (postage cost included).
Available through direct contact with by email, phone or instagram of both Rik & Thijs. Featured at :

'Art Rotterdam', Rotterdam, 2017
'FOAM x Patty Morgan Fusion Festival', FOAM, Amsterdam, 2017
'The Arles Photography Festival', Arles, France, 2017
'Now & Never #4' Gemeente Museum, Den Haag, 2018
'Gothics in Nigeria' Corrosia, Almere, 2019


Thijs Jaeger
Rik Laging
Josephine van Schendel (Alt.11, 46)
Quentin Gomzé (Alt.21)
Max de Waard (Alt.23)
Joeri Woudstra (Alt.27,45,49)
Roel van Heesch (Alt.28)
Clara Lezla (Alt.38)
Joop Schroën (Alt.40)
David Dees (Alt.44)
RJM Vanderheyden (Alt.47)
Kristýna Kulíková (Alt.48)

Rik Laging
+31 6 14 46 86 81

Thijs Jaeger
+31 6 54 26 26 61

Download .zip (All Graphics + Participation 'READ ME' )